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COVID-19 Digital Events

Catch up on the latest COVID-19 webinars and on-demand video learning opportunities on your schedule. From managing your practice during this crisis to caring for your staff or your own mental health, new events are added regularly. CE credit may be available for some courses.

Digital Events and Webinars


NEW Moving from Vaccine Inaction to Action

Dr. Laura Noonan discusses how health literacy can help when discussing and providing vaccinations such as COVID-19, HPV and Influenza.

Watch May 19 webinar


COVID-19 Vaccine Facts on Pregnancy and Fertility

OB-GYN Dr. Geeta K. Swamy reviews the science of COVID-19 vaccines (and vaccines in general) and addresses concerns related to fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding and more.

Watch March 17 webinar


Effective Patient Conversations About the COVID-19 Vaccine

As the COVID vaccines become more readily available, dentists can play a key role in building vaccine confidence in patients and staff. Learn how to have these conversations in a culturally-competent manner.

Watch March 3 webinar


Watch on Demand: Vaccinations by Dentists — A New Role in Primary Care

Get an overview of the vaccines most likely to be initiated first in dental practice, vaccinations amid the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and opportunities for dentists in the overall healthcare system.

Watch January 27 webinar


COVID Relief Overview and an Update on Vaccines

Learn about recent COVID-19 relief legislation and its implications for small business loans, taxes and labor issues, as well as the latest updates on COVID-19 vaccines.

Watch Jan. 14 Webinar


COVID-19 PPE and Me

Understand the issues related to enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) use during the COVID-19 pandemic, including ergonomic challenges and potential workarounds for comfort.

Watch Nov. 12 webinar


Regulatory Compliance During COVID-19

Learn about the required personal protective equipment, engineering controls, and written policies you must have to be in compliance with OSHA’s recently published guidance for dental practices and CDC’s multitude of recommendations for healthcare settings.

Watch Sept. 10 webinar


Managing Leave in the Dental Office

Learn about employer-paid COVID leave under recent federal legislation, exceptions that apply and when temporary furlough may be available for staff members who need COVID-related leave.

Watch Sept. 1 webinar


Practicing After COVID

All aspects of reopening your practice after COVID-19 are discussed, including implementing effective protocols for efficient productivity, staff concerns, patient perception and scheduling.

Watch August 18 webinar


Practicing in a Pandemic: What the Data Shows by Gender

Numerous studies have shown a gender earnings gap in dentistry that cannot be explained by hours worked, or specialty, or other factors. Now, with COVID-19 affecting the industry, are female dentists experiencing the same impact as their male counterparts?

Watch August 13 webinar


Updates on COVID-19: Provider Relief Fund and Labor Laws

Get updates on the provider relief fund, what funding is available and how to apply.

Watch August 12 webinar


SBA Loans Update

Significant changes have been made to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan programs. Learn what this means for your practice.

Watch June 12 webinar

Caries Management Using Non-Restorative Procedures

Get an overview of the ADA evidence-based clinical recommendations for management of active caries lesions using non-restorative treatments, with a focus on sealants, fluoride products, resin infiltration and SDF.

Watch June 11 webinar


Rubber Dam 101

Review the advantages and basic armamentarium of using a rubber dam with Kathy Shafer, assistant clinical dean at Southern Illinois University.

Watch June 3 webinar


CDC Guidance for Dental Settings

The ADA and experts from the Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention break down the latest interim guidance for dental settings from the CDC.

Watch May 28 webinar


Emotional Impact of COVID-19

Three dentists from the ADA’s Dentist Wellness Advisory Committee lead a panel that will help you label and address the emotions surrounding the most common fears and stressors dentists have reported experiencing before, during and after reopening their practice.

Watch May 21 webinar


20 High-Value Recovery Strategies

Dental practices that put the correct key strategies in place early and understand how to plan for the next stage will be the ones that recover more successfully. Get 20 high-value strategies from Levin Group CEO Roger P. Levin, DDS.

Watch May 19 webinar


Aerosol and the Transmission of Coronavirus

Drs. Don Milton and Purnima Kumar will examine the evidence on the source of virus transmission via aerosol and implications to dental offices, examine evidence that supports the use of several aerosol reduction and mitigation methods, and explain the science behind selecting appropriate PPE.

Watch May 14 webinar


How to Minimize Team Stress

Creating a less stressful work environment can be challenging, especially re-entering the office with new guidelines and standards. Learn how to establish training protocols, develop 30/60/90 day strategies and more.

Watch May 6 webinar


Reopening: It’s As If Every Employee Is a New Employee Now

Reopening will require training and a formal onboarding plan for new and returning staff. Practice management expert Tim Twigg explains how to create your plan.

Watch May 5 webinar


Return to Work Interim Guidance Q&A

The ADA provides an overview of the Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit and answers questions from the dental community to help you and your staff prepare for reopening your practice. *Free for ADA members, discounted member pricing available to non-members.

Watch May 1 online course


Ransomware Readiness

Mike Del Giudice, a principal at Crowe Consulting Group, discusses the evolving ransomware threats dental practices are facing and potential solutions to better manage this risk.

Watch April 28 webinar


Respiratory Protection in the Era of COVID-19

The Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention (OSAP) recaps the CDC’s guidance on using N95 or equivalent respirators in dental settings.

Watch April 24 webinar


Do You Have Your SOP Manual Completed?

Practice Dynamics’ Laci Phillips explains what a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) is and how to organize them all into a digital SOP manual, complete from every department in your practice.

Watch April 21 webinar


Building Resilience in Times of Anxiety and Uncertainty

Specific mind-body practices have shown to be restorative and improve wellness. Learn evidence-based techniques with Dr. Aparna Chawla.

Watch April 16 webinar


Calculate the Cash Burn Rate of Your Dental Practice

ACT Dental Coaching’s Kirk Behrendt Barrett Straub help you see clearly how many days of cash are left in your practice and how to extend them through the COVID-19 crisis.

Watch April 10 webinar


Four Ways to Stay Healthy During Crisis

Learn and master three insider strategies to immediately increase your level of personal energy, resilience and immunity with Dr. Uche Odiatu.

Watch April 9 webinar


Small Business Administration Loans for Dentists

How to apply for and utilize two significant Small Business Administration loan options for dentists.

Watch April 8 Q&A Video


Student Loan Repayment During Uncertain Times

Laurel Road will shares information on the federal response to COVID-19, what you should consider if you plan to refinance and walk through all student loan repayment options.

Watch April 2 webinar


Teledentistry in the Era of COVID-19

Teledentistry experts Dr. Paul Glassman and Nathan Suter discuss reliable sources of information regarding telehealth and telemedicine as it relates to dentistry.

Watch April 1 online course


19 Ways to Defeat the Pandemic

Dr. Mark E. Hyman shares what you can do now and when you are back to work to help your practice survive — and thrive.

Watch March 26 webinar


Keep the Lights On

Big Buzz CEO Wendy O’Donovan Phillips on how to predict short- and long-term impacts on your business.

Watch March 25 webinar



Infection control experts answer dentists’ questions on protocol and procedures in light of COVID-19

Watch March 20 online course