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Grow Your Practice with Digital Media

Digital Media

Do you have a website for your dental practice? If you don’t, prospective and current patients may be disappointed when they search for your practice online to no avail. In today’s digital society, many customers expect the businesses they frequent to have at least a basic website, with contact information and office hours listed. Dental patients are no different.

If a patient in search of a dentist can’t find you online, they may find another dental practice with a website that contains the information they need to make an informed decision. Do you want them to pass you over because you don’t have an online presence?

The Essential Components of a Basic Website

As you create, or perhaps update, your practice website, think of it as a digital extension of your practice that is available to your patients 24/7. At the very least, your site should contain:

  • Contact information and office hours
  • A bio with your credentials
  • Your practice’s philosophy
  • Your staff and their credentials
  • Details about your facility
  • The services you offer

Optional website patient conveniences might include:

  • A HIPAA compliant online appointment form, with options for appointment reminders to be sent via telephone, email or text message if the patient so chooses
  • Email registration for your practice e-newsletter
  • A PowerPoint or video highlighting your services
  • Links to patient-focused websites, such as the ADA consumer site,

Other types of digital communication:

  • Practice e-newsletters are a great way to communicate regularly with your patients. E-newsletters can provide tips to a healthy smile, reinforce the importance of good oral health and remind patients to schedule their annual appointment.
  • Creating a practice page on a social network, such as Facebook, might be a good idea to stay connected to current patients and make a positive impression on prospective ones.

Add the ADA Member logo

Don’t forget to highlight your ADA membership on all of your practice’s digital communications with the ADA logo, including your practice website, e-newsletter and PowerPoint presentations. The easy-to-use ADA Member logo is available for download horizontally and vertically in a variety of file formats. Visit to download.

Add the ADA Member button

To expand the resources available to your patients via your website, you can place the button on your site and link it to The ADA site offers a wealth of information for your patients, such as podcasts on oral cancer risk factors, the relationship between oral health and overall health and oral health during pregnancy. The button is available for download horizontally and vertically and in small, medium and large sizes. Visit to download.