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GPS Managing the Dental Team

Managing The Dental Team

Your dental team is a vital to your practice and its strength and cohesiveness directly impacts the success of your practice. Your practice is able to dedicate itself towards providing quality patient care when the majority of the staff’s time, energy and resources aren’t sidetracked by the need to fill vacant positions or resolve conflicts.

Managing The Dental Team

  • What You Should Consider: Background Checks

    Conducting the necessary checks, and documenting each step along the way, may prove helpful if you ever need to terminate an employee.

  • What You Should Consider: Reference Checks

    Since past performance can be a strong indicator of future expectations, it’s a recommended best practice that dental practices check references on all prospective employees.

  • Professional and/or Personal References

    If you’re contacted as a professional reference, remember to limit your responses to facts, such as date of hire, absences and tardiness, rate of pay and when the individual left the practice.

  • Credit Checks and Bonding

    It’s a good rule of thumb to have a credit check done on any employee who handles money or access to the practice’s financial data.

  • Onboarding New Employees

    To be effective, onboarding must involve much more than a tour of the office and their workspace, an introduction to staff, and the hand-off of an employee manual with instructions to “Read this.”

  • Working With Family Members

    Before inviting a family member into the practice, have a frank discussion about expectations and how to handle disagreements, both at home and at the practice.

  • Hiring Temporary Staff

    Anyone who’s had to hire a new employee knows that good help can be hard to find, especially when a situation suddenly arises that leaves you unexpectedly short-staffed.

  • Professional Liability Coverage

    Make sure you have the proper documentation of all employee training and coaching and have each employee sign a form that confirms the coaching took place.

  • Terminations

    Terminations proceed much more smoothly if you have followed your established disciplinary processes and documented the violations and corrective measures.

  • Managing Performance: Staff Compensation

    Staff compensation is a complex topic for many reasons.

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