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GPS Managing Patients

Managing Patients

The best way to understand the importance of your patients’ experience with your practice is to put yourself in their shoes. 

Managing Patients
  • Patient Satisfaction Surveys

    Many dental practices find it helpful to survey patients about their experience.

  • Reactivation/Retention

    Use your recall system to identify patients that haven’t been seen for a while and then contact them to come in for a check-up.

  • Noncompliance

    Certain patients simply won’t brush, floss or follow even the most basic home care instructions. While cases like these are challenging for your entire staff, a little extra compassion and understanding may have an impact.

  • Complaints

    While patients generally have a high regard for health care practitioners, especially dentists, all dentists have dissatisfied patients at some point in their career.

  • Refunds and Discounts

    It’s up to you to determine if and when a patient should be given a refund for service provided.

  • Patient Dismissal

    Sometimes it’s best for a dentist and patient to part ways. In these cases, this is because there’s some friction that can’t be resolved or a difference in philosophies of care.

  • Peer Review

    Peer review is an effective, efficient, expeditious, and credible dispute resolution process that benefits both the patient and the provider.

  • Special Considerations

    All patients deserve special considerations that recognize their level of oral health literacy, medical/health issues, possible dental anxiety and other factors.

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