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Managing Marketing

Where is your next new patient coming from? Do you know why patients are loyal to your practice? How can you avoid losing patients to another practice? The one answer to most of these questions is likely an easy one: “Marketing.”

Are you marketing your practice? If so, what strategies, tactics and channels are you using? How do you measure their effectiveness? Who’s planning, managing, evaluating and redirecting your marketing efforts? Does your practice have a brand? If so, what does it convey to current and, more importantly, prospective patients?

Managing Marketing
  • Marketing Your Dental Practice

    Marketing can be an effective tactic for bringing in new patients and is becoming more commonplace in all types of communities. This module will help guide you through the different aspects of marketing.

  • Marketing: What It Is and Why It Matters

    Marketing is more than just advertising. Every interaction with every patient, vendor, supplier and neighbor is an opportunity to market the practice.

  • Market Research

    Having accurate market research will help you identify what audience, or types of patient, to target. Knowing what groups to target will help you identify the most effective way to reach them.

  • Inquiries from Prospective Patients

    Practices lose prospective patients through unsatisfactory management of incoming calls. Training your staff in effective communication is a worthwhile investment that can convert prospective patients to active patient status.

  • Internal Marketing

    Internal marketing is about building relationships with current patients. Practices that successfully connect with patients have the best marketing vehicle available – positive word of mouth.

  • Advertising

    Before you start thinking about a marketing campaign, it’s a good idea to check your state’s dental practice act to see what’s permissible under local laws and regulations.

  • Patient Privacy / Social Media

    Patient privacy should never be compromised. You can protect patients’ privacy by developing staff policies and procedures regarding the use of social media.

  • Online Reviews / Social Media

    Online reviews are a fact of life in today’s online world. If your practice is the subject of a negative online review, you may be able to protect its online reputation, or minimize the fallout, by following the steps described in this article.

  • Why Survey Patients?

    The most accurate way to assess what differentiates your practice from others is to survey current patients. This activity is the start of your market research and will reveal what patients like about your practice and why they keep coming back.

  • Who and What to Survey

    Many dental practices find it helpful to conduct patient satisfaction surveys as a way to find out what patients like, and don’t like, about their experiences in the practice.

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