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Managing Marketing

Where is your next new patient coming from? Do you know why patients are loyal to your practice? How can you avoid losing patients to another practice? The one answer to most of these questions is likely an easy one: “Marketing.”

Are you marketing your practice? If so, what strategies, tactics and channels are you using? How do you measure their effectiveness? Who’s planning, managing, evaluating and redirecting your marketing efforts? Does your practice have a brand? If so, what does it convey to current and, more importantly, prospective patients?

Managing Marketing
  • Blog vs Learning Centers

    Including a blog on your website offers a lively and informal way of engaging with current and prospective patients. Other practices use learning or education centers to supplement, or replace, a blog.

  • Evaluating Website Performance

    Review your web analytics monthly to make sure your website is meeting your goals. Some of the information you’ll want to track includes: bounce rates, traffic increases, time on site, and visitor location.

  • Social Media: Introduction

    Your practice is already on social media, even if you haven’t developed a profile on any of the platforms. Take control of your profile and use social media as a tool to enhance your marketing efforts.

  • Online Reviews

    Online reviews are increasingly common and patients often use them as a way to evaluate potential healthcare providers. Some dental practices proactively solicit online reviews from satisfied patients whenever possible.

  • Negative Online Reviews

    If your practice is the subject of a negative or false online review, you may be able to protect its online reputation, or minimize the fallout, by following these steps.

  • Video Marketing

    Businesses that launch marketing campaigns often want to be in all places at all times. One way to accomplish this is through video marketing, which allows the practice to present its expertise to both current and prospective patients

  • Offline Advertising

    While the cost may be higher than in online marketing, offline marketing that strategically targets a specific population often increases the number of patients who contact the office.

  • Traditional Advertising

    Traditional marketing, especially in localized communities, can make you a neighbor, someone who’s part of the neighborhood and accessible and convenient to local patients.

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