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Managing Marketing

Where is your next new patient coming from? Do you know why patients are loyal to your practice? How can you avoid losing patients to another practice? The one answer to most of these questions is likely an easy one: “Marketing.”

Are you marketing your practice? If so, what strategies, tactics and channels are you using? How do you measure their effectiveness? Who’s planning, managing, evaluating and redirecting your marketing efforts? Does your practice have a brand? If so, what does it convey to current and, more importantly, prospective patients?

Managing Marketing
  • Fielding the Survey

    Your practice management software may include a feature that allows you to create and send an instant electronic survey to patients. Make sure you review the questions to ensure they’re relevant to your practice.

  • Collecting and Using the Data

    Assign a staff member to collect survey responses. The results of the survey will provide you with the data and information you need in order to develop a marketing plan.

  • The Environmental Scan

    Once you’ve completed the patient survey, it’s time to look at the community where you practice. This is called an environmental scan since it allows you an in-depth look at what’s going on in the area around you.

  • What is a Brand?

    For those who aren’t marketing professionals, the concept of branding your practice can be challenging to grasp. When done properly, branding can be highly tangible, easy to define and measurable.

  • Your Brand and the Name of Your Practice

    How do you know that you’ve selected the “right” name? Effective business names aren’t generic. Ideally, they should suggest certain feelings, emotions, connections and possibly even stories.

  • Your Logo and Tagline

    Ideally, the logo for your practice will serve as both a visual representation that reinforces the positive aspects of your brand and a reminder of what sets it apart from other practices in the community.

  • Create Your Marketing Plan: The Basics

    The goal of a marketing plan is to create a customized list of solutions and an action plan for the business. Customizing your marketing plan increases the likelihood that you’ll achieve the desired results.

  • Measuring Success

    There are many ways to measure the success of a marketing campaign. No matter which method(s) you use, it’s a good idea to track the cumulative impact of your marketing efforts.

  • Launching Your Marketing Strategy

    Developing a marketing plan isn’t something you do once and then cross off your “to do” list. The overarching concepts of what you should consider when developing a marketing strategy are included here.

  • Marketing Consultants

    While it’s possible to market your practice on your own, some practices prefer to partner with consultants. Any dental practice that decides to hire outside partners should regularly receive detailed reports.

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