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DPS Winter 2020

ADA Center for Professional Success Winter 2020 edition of Dental Practice Success digital magazine
Featured Articles
  • Baby on the way?

    The ADA surveyed practicing dentists and interviewed ADA legal counsel Cathryn Albrecht, about maternity leave and how to be prepared based on Federal and State laws.

  • Dental Practice Financing: Estimating your capital needs

    Whether you’re opening a new practice, expanding a current practice, or acquiring an existing one, you’ll need to estimate how much money—also referred to as capital—you’ll need, and when you’ll need it.

  • Do you need a new challenge?

    Dentistry is exciting but it can also be tiring. Many dentists have found ways to make the profession stay fresh and challenging. Here are six ideas to consider.

  • How To Create a Social Media Strategy

    With about 70% of patients using social media to connect, share information and entertain themselves, tools like Facebook and Instagram offer incredible opportunities for your practice to gain exposure and grow relationships.

  • Rethinking Five-star Customer Service

    The opportunity to impress patients, attract more patients and decrease patient attrition often depends on the level of customer service.

  • RUT REMOVAL 2020

    Take a look at your current situation. Are you spinning and spinning, but gaining no traction in your career? Are you bored? You may be in a rut. And, that’s OK. Here are several options to get unstuck.

  • Three Contract Issues That Got Expensive

    Written contracts protect both sides from misunderstandings and can put your relationship on equal ground.

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