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DPS Summer 2018

Center for Professional Success Summer 2018 edition of the Dental Practice Success digital magazine

Featured Articles
  • 10 ways to go green in your practice

    Adopting an environmentally friendly approach in one’s dental practice isn’t just a “feel good” activity, it can offer direct and indirect business advantages as well.

  • Are your electronic devices secure?

    Desktop or laptop computers, as well as portable electronic devices like tablets and smart phones must be protected by physical safeguards. Failure to take reasonable steps regarding security may have serious consequences.

  • Choosing the right retirement savings plan is essential

    There are three broad categories of retirement plans available to dental practices - SEP - IRAs, Simple IRAs and Qualified Plans. As you review these retirement plan options, keep in mind there are many points to consider.

  • Communicating clinical quality

    The more dental practices can make the quality of treatment and customer service visible, the stronger the bond we will build with patients. Every member of the team must strive to provide the highest quality dental care.

  • Emergency medical kits support patient safety, buffer practice liability

    The high probability that a dental practice someday will experience an emergency medical episode makes it exceedingly necessary to have a fully stocked and updated medical kit available.

  • Know your odds and how much it may cost you

    Supplemental medical insurance can be an affordable way to safeguard against having to deplete your retirement savings to pay for an expensive hospitalization or related medical bill.

  • Market Buzz | Summer 2018

    The Dental Practice Success: Spring 2018 edition of Market Buzz features notes on recent economic developments, including mergers and Chinese tariffs.

  • Read ADA News for help ‘Decoding Dental Benefits’

    The new Decoding Dental Benefits series, in every issue of ADA News, features solutions for dentists when it comes to the world of dental benefits and plans.

  • Rethinking dental practice management

    When dentists rethink how their practices operate, the practices perform at higher levels than ever before.

  • Tapping into the power of emotional intelligence at work

    The four skills that come together to create emotional intelligence focus on understanding and managing yourself, and on understanding and managing your relationships.

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