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DPS Summer 2017

Summer 2017 

Featured Articles
  • Facebook Calls to Action: Are You Using Honey or Vinegar?

    That old saying, “You’ll attract more bees with honey than with vinegar,” applies to social media, too. Think of content or posts that social media users find naturally engaging as the honey and the use of inappropriate calls to action as the vinegar.

  • Let Go and Live with Less Control

    Letting go is a tricky business because we all hold onto certain beliefs very tightly. For example, we believe in “toughing things out” and finishing the race no matter what. Our society values winning and revels in the bragging rights that follow. We prize the individual and his or her looks and possessions.

  • Managing Change and Growth

    Planning for change can help ensure that you keep your practice on track while minimizing the impact on patients and staff.

  • Market Buzz | Summer 2017

    The Summer 2017 edition of Market Buzz features notes on recent economic developments.

  • Practice Successfully, Live Well

    A good, ergonomically designed operatory, along with daily stretching and exercising, can help dental practitioners enjoy long, healthy careers.

  • Selecting Digital Radiographic Equipment

    For dentists seeking to make the paradigm shift from conventional fi lm to digital imaging, the vast array of available systems can seem bewildering and lead to many questions.

  • The Paradox of Single-Tooth Treatment

    Single-tooth treatment is the biggest source of the doctor’s production in most practices; yet it also might be the biggest obstacle to achieving even greater revenue. Patients

  • Why You Need an Estate Plan

    A host of problems may be avoided with proper planning and a well-drafted estate plan.

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