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Stop Hiring!

Onboarding and training investments can help your team win
cartoon of team training session

We are currently experiencing a 17-year low unemployment rate in the United States according to a 2017 survey by Inc. magazine. The authors noted that small and midsize companies are disproportionately affected by this low unemployment rate, particularly because of their lack of brand awareness and less than robust networks. Dentistry is feeling the impact and finding it difficult to find new team members, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Doctors, my best advice for you in a tight job market: STOP HIRING! You read that correctly – STOP HIRING. Let me explain why this strategy will serve you and your team well.

I recently surveyed 176 practice managers leading dental teams from around the country.

Here are some very jaw-dropping results:

  • 66 percent had experienced the negative impact of turnover over the past year.
  • 68 percent reported issues with employee performance or poor behavior that interrupted them between several times a week and every day of the week.
  • 71 percent felt the performance and behavior issues negatively impacted team morale.
  • 77 percent had no formal onboarding and training process for new hires.
  • 85 percent had no consistent performance development program for employees.

training infographic
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What’s causing these alarming statistics?

Look closely at the statistics and you’ll see the connection between high turnover and the lack of formal onboarding and team development programs. Without a formal onboarding process, most new hires are at a serious disadvantage. Contrary to a popular opinion, millennials as a group are not to blame for these turnover or performance trends. In my experience, millennials are every bit as ambitious and committed to doing great work as the generations that came before them. The one major distinguishing factor I’ve noticed is that millennials have been raised in the information age where feedback is instantaneous and training for any new technology or process can be found via YouTube in a matter of minutes.

Given the right information and training, the millennial generation’s workforce is every bit as focused, effective and accomplished as previous generations, maybe even more so with the benefit of technological advances. In a study of what millennial employees want most, Price Waterhouse Coopers reports that millennials rank training higher than flexible working arrangements and almost as important as having a good benefits package. They also report that these workers will also feel a sense of loyalty to those companies and employers that invest in them.

What’s your best offense?

Noted thought-leader and author, Tom Peters summed it up well, “The company with the best training wins!” The time to raise the bar on the training and performance development support we offer our teams was yesterday. The next best time is NOW.

Invest in your team with formal onboarding and exceptional, timely education and training programs. This is your opportunity to bring your team together on the same page and grow together. The time you invest in your formal team onboarding and development systems will grow a culture of excellence that makes your practice a “best company to work for.” Greater employee retention will enable you to maintain a high performing team, always your best competitive advantage.

Stop hiring. Start investing in your new hires and your current team. “The company with the best training wins!”

Ginny Hegarty SPHR, a nationally recognized author, senior professional in human resources, dental consultant and management strategist, focuses on practice leadership and communication. Her book, PIVOT, Practice Leadership Redefined, is available at Contact Ginny via