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DPS Fall 2018

DPS Fall 2018
Featured Articles
  • Rethinking Case Presentation

    You may not view dental patients as consumers but that’s what they are and that’s how you must approach them, especially when it comes to case presentation.

  • GIVE Process Strategies

    Properly implemented, the GIVE strategy can help attract new patients and allow practices to participate in a meaningful cause and become known for their values, even with a small marketing budget.

  • Market Buzz | Fall 2018

    The Dental Practice Success: Fall 2018 edition of Market Buzz features notes on recent economic developments, including unemployment levels and interest rates.

  • Technology and You

    As new procedures and technologies enter the marketplace, how do we decide when to add them to the practice and when do we stick with the tried and true? It is not an easy question and there are numerous answers.

  • Is your practice prepared for an opioid emergency?

    The opioid epidemic is forcing dentists to review training procedures and update their emergency kits to address the possibility of patient overdose.

  • Target-Date Funds Can Help You Protect Your Retirement

    Many retirement plan sponsors have enhanced retirement plans by introducing target-date funds to bolster employees’ retirement readiness. It is important to understand this investment option.

  • Stop Hiring!

    We are currently experiencing a 17-year low in the unemployment rate, with small and midsize companies disproportionately affected. Dentists may find it difficult to recruit new team members, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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