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ICD and CDT Coding Examples

Dental Codes

The tables in this resource link frequently reported CDT Codes with one or more possible ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes as examples.  Please note that these tables, and especially their linkages, are not all-inclusive but serve only as a guide for commonly occurring conditions. Dentists, by virtue of their clinical education, experience and professional ethics, are the individuals responsible for diagnosis. As such, a dentist is also obligated to select the appropriate diagnosis code for patient records and claim submission.  It is quite possible that other diagnoses and their associated codes may be appropriate for a given clinical scenario.

Current Dental Terminology, 2015 American Dental Association. All rights reserved.

  • Figure 1 Diagnostic. Evaluations and Exams
  • Figure 2. Preventive. Dental Prophylaxis for Adults and Children
  • Figure 3. Preventive. Topical Flouride Treatment
  • Figure 4. Other Preventive Services. Oral Hygiene Instructions
  • Figure 5. Other Preventive Services. Sealants
  • Figure 6. Restorative. Resin Restorations
  • Figure 7. Restorative. Amalgam Restorations
  • Figure 8. Restorative. Anterior Resin-Based Composite Restorations
  • Figure 9. Restorative. Posterior Resin-Based Composite Restorations
  • Figure 10. Restorative. Porcelain, Noble Metal, and High Noble Metal Crowns
  • Figure 11. Restorative. Stainless Steel Crowns
  • Figure 12. Restorative. Protective Restorations
  • Figure 13. Endodontics - Pulp Caps
  • Figure 14. Endodontics. Pulpotomies and Endodontic Therapy
  • Figure 15. Endodontics. Retreatment of Previous Root Canal Therapy
  • Figure 16. Periodontics. Gingivectomies and Gingivoplasties
  • Figure 17. Periodontics. Clinical Crown Lengthening - Hard Tissue
  • Figure 18. Periodontics. Osseous Surgery and Bone Grafts
  • Figure 19. Periodontics. Tissue Grafts
  • Figure 20. Periodontics. Periodontal Maintenance. Scaling and Root Planing
  • Figure 21. Periodontics. Full Mouth Debridement
  • Figure 22. Prosthodontics. Complete Dentures
  • Figure 23. Prosthodontics and Implant Services. Partial Dentures and Implants
  • Figure 24. Surgical. Extractions
  • Figure 25. Surgical. Extractions - Oral and Maxillofacial
  • Figure 26. Surgical. Removal of Impacted Teeth
  • Figure 27. Surgical. Bone Replacement Grafts
  • Figure 28. Orthodontics. Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment of Adolescents
  • Figure 29. Adjunctive General Services. Palliative (Emergency) Treatment of Dental Pain
  • Figure 30. Adjunctive General Services. Inhalation of Nitrous Oxide
  • Figure 31. Adjunctive General Services - Application of Desensitizing Medicament
  • Figure 32. Adjunctive General Services - Occlusal Guards
  • Figure 33. Adjunctive General Services - Occlusal Guard Adjustment