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Advocacy and Third Party Issues [Webinar]

webinar titled Advocacy and Third Party Issues
Dental benefits and third party issues are typically rated as one of the most critical concerns confronting dentists. ADA staff often receive questions as to what the ADA is doing to help dentists when it comes to working with dental benefit plans. The ADA has been and continues to be extremely active in advocating for dentistry.

In this webinar you will learn what ADA is doing at both the federal and state levels regarding proposed legislation. You will learn how to receive individual assistance and receive information on the many valuable resources the ADA has to assist and educate dental offices on dental benefits issues. 

ADA leadership has heard your feedback on these issues and this webinar is among the many tactics we are employing as part of our coordinated communications plan on these issues.

About the presenters

Paul O'Connor

Paul O’Connor is the Senior Legislative Liaison in the Department of State Government Affairs (DSGA).  DSGA provides advocacy and research support for state and local dental societies and is arranged by assigning subject areas to staff to bolster a level of expertise.  Paul focuses primarily on access-to-dental care issues including state-level public policy as it affects public financing for dental coverage and community water fluoridation.  He also works with state legislative and regulatory issues as they pertain to third party/commercial dental benefits subject matter.  DSGA’s issue coverage responsibilities are established to assist the profession in advocating in support of public policy that is beneficial for dentists and their patients.  Prior to joining the ADA in 2000, Paul was employed with the Indiana House of Representatives for eleven years where he focused much of his work on healthcare policy and political campaigns.

Dennis McHugh

Dennis McHugh is the manager of the American Dental Association's Dental Benefit Information Service and works in the Practice Institute’s Center for Dental Benefits, Coding and Quality (CDBCQ).  CDBCQ is the ADA agency responsible for promoting resources and information on dental benefit plans to employers and member dentists.  In addition, CDBCQ responds to requests and helps resolve problems from member dentists regarding concerns with third party payers.  He has been with the ADA for 16 years and prior to that spent 7 years working for the American Association of Orthodontists.

Margo Klosterman

Margo Klosterman, is a Congressional Lobbyist in the Washington, DC office and she will discuss ADA advocacy efforts at the federal level.

Mindi Walker

Mindi Walker, is a Congressional Lobbyist in the Washington, DC office and she will also discuss ADA advocacy efforts at the federal level.