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Beyond the Mouth Podcast

Dentistry is the fun part; running a practice and all that life throws at you can be a challenge. ADA’s Dr. Betsy Shapiro chats with a diverse group of people who can help. Welcome to the ADA practice podcast, Beyond the Mouth, where we won't talk about clinical dentistry, but everything else is fair game.

Season 3 episodes will be released every Wednesday, from October 21 - December 9, 2020.

Beyond the Mouth is available from most major podcast sites, including:

Apple Podcasts   Google Podcasts   Spotify   Stitcher

    Or you can listen right here by clicking the play buttons below:

    Season one episodes and resources

    1. I Just Opened a New Dental Office! What Now?
    2. Parental Leave: Do I Get It? Do I Have to Give It?
    3. What I Learned about Myself in Dental School
    4. It's a Wellness Revolution
    5. How to Be Your Own Dental Benefits Superhero
    6. Transitioning Out of the Military
    7. Contracts 101: Before You Get In, Know How to Get Out
    8. The Dental Hiring Challenge

    Season two episodes and resources

    1. Dr. Chad P. Gehani: A Path to Presidency
    2. Stranger Things and Great Info in Your Dental Library
    3. Dental Benefits Superhero Part 2: In-office Dental Plans
    4. Practice with Your Head and Heart
    5. Know Your Numbers: How to Apply for a Practice Loan
    6. The Burnout Episode
    7. Geriatric Dentistry: How One Dentist Treats a Growing Population
    8. Leadership through Advocacy: Get Started Advocating for Public Health and Dentistry