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GPS Managing the Dental Team

Managing The Dental Team

Your dental team is a vital to your practice and its strength and cohesiveness directly impacts the success of your practice. Your practice is able to dedicate itself towards providing quality patient care when the majority of the staff’s time, energy and resources aren’t sidetracked by the need to fill vacant positions or resolve conflicts.

GPS Dental Team

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Managing The Dental Team

  • Managing The Dental Team

    The Managing the Dental Team module of the American Dental Association’s Guidelines for Practice Success™ (GPS™) details much of what you need to know in order to assemble, and keep, a strong dental team operating in your practice.

  • The Dentist is the Leader of the Team

    Certain members of the dental team might manage specific day-to-day responsibilities, but ultimately you’re in charge.

  • Preventing Drama

    The way you handle drama will have a significant impact on the culture, or tone, of the practice.

  • Position Overviews

    Every practice should have job descriptions that outline the education, qualifications and specific duties for each member of the team.

  • Staffing

    The ultimate goal in staffing the practice is to maximize the patient experience and efficiency by coordinating the members of the dental team.

  • Recruiting

    A job description can help you create the wording for an ad and make it easier to communicate expectations, job parameters and/or job requirements.

  • Recruiting: The Application Process

    There are different ways to advertise your available position and there are different ways to accept applications.

  • Recruiting: Initial Telephone Screening

    Two rules of thumb for the telephone screening process are to know what questions you want to ask in advance and to ask the same questions of every applicant.

  • Recruiting: The Interview Process

    The interview process involves many steps and, in order for it to proceed smoothly, certain decisions need to be made both before and after each candidate comes in to talk about the position, the practice and its patients.

  • Recruiting: Working Interviews vs Skills Assessments

    The primary difference between working interviews and skills assessments is that one is paid and the other isn’t.

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