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Dental Benefit Webinars

Two people sitting at desk with a coffee cup, glasses and portable tablet with the word "webinar" on the screen

Third Party Issues

Understanding PPO Network Leasing: What you need to know

Third-Party Payer Contract: The Most Important Decision

Advocacy and Third Party Issues

A Carrier's Perspective on Compliance Audits and Utilization Management

The Growing Impact of PPO Leasing on Your Dental Practice 

Coordination of Benefits: The ABCs of COB

Coordinating Benefits: How Much of My Fee Should I Write-off?


Implant Case Procedure Coding – It’s More Than What You See In “D6000–D6199 VIII. Implant Services

Radiographs: What to Consider When Coding Diagnostic Imaging

Coding for Prevention: A Primer on Procedures for Long - Term Oral Health

Dental Benefits and Payment

Streamlining Claim Submissions: Crowns and Bridges

Electronic Transactions - Improving Office Efficiency

How PPO Processing Policies Affect Claim Adjudication - Part 2

How PPO Processing Policies Affect Claim Adjudication - Part 1

Dental Insurance 101: A Beginner's Course for Office Staff

Create Your Own In-Office Dental Plan with Bento

Experience Bento PPO: A Better Dental Plan Alternative

Things to Consider when Deciding Whether to Join a PPO

ACHing for EFT: What-How-Why

Self-Funded (ERISA) Dental Plans: What you need to know

Contracts and Processing Policies: Impact on your Revenue

Claims Submission In the Eyes of a Dental Consultant - Session 1

Claims Submission in the Eyes of a Dental Consultant – Session II 

Locum Tenens Dentists: Opportunities Abound

Increase Value in your Practice! How? Start your own Dental Plan.

Signing the Contract: Understanding PPOs

Trends in the Dental Benefits Market

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments: Exploding the Myth

ERA/EFT Implementation: How to for your Practice