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Beyond the Mouth Podcast

Dentistry is the fun part; running a practice and all that life throws at you can be a challenge. ADA’s Dr. Betsy Shapiro chats with a diverse group of people who can help. Welcome to the ADA practice podcast, Beyond the Mouth, where we won't talk about clinical dentistry, but everything else is fair game.

Beyond the Mouth is available from most major podcast sites, including:

Apple Podcasts   Google Podcasts   Spotify   Stitcher

    Or you can listen right here by clicking the play buttons below:

    Season one episodes and resources

    1. I Just Opened a New Dental Office! What Now?
    2. Parental Leave: Do I Get It? Do I Have to Give It?
    3. What I Learned about Myself in Dental School
    4. It's a Wellness Revolution
    5. How to Be Your Own Dental Benefits Superhero
    6. Transitioning Out of the Military
    7. Contracts 101: Before You Get In, Know How to Get Out
    8. The Dental Hiring Challenge

    Season two episodes and resources

    1. Dr. Chad P. Gehani: A Path to Presidency
    2. Stranger Things and Great Info in Your Dental Library
    3. Dental Benefits Superhero Part 2: In-office Dental Plans
    4. Practice with Your Head and Heart
    5. Know Your Numbers: How to Apply for a Practice Loan
    6. The Burnout Episode
    7. Geriatric Dentistry: How One Dentist Treats a Growing Population
    8. Leadership through Advocacy: Get Started Advocating for Public Health and Dentistry

    Season three episodes and resources

    1. ADA President Dr. Daniel J. Klemmedson: Rising to the Occasion
    2. HIPAA Balancing Act: What about protected health information during a pandemic?
    3. The Dental Practice Matching Game
    4. Pandemic’s Upside: Student Loan Debt Relief and Repayment Flexibilities
    5. What Does It Take to Lead a Dental Team During a Pandemic?
    6. Changing the Conversation Around Mental Health and Wellness at Work
    7. Managing Changes in Staff and Dental Insurance During COVID-19
    8. Designing Better PPE