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Retaining loyal patients and attracting new ones requires the effort of all employees. Team members need to be aware of the importance of first impressions and how patient satisfaction impacts a practice.

Dentist with Patient

Patients tell others about their experience with your office. Make it a story with a happy ending!

How to Ignite Patient Care
In dentistry, patient care is much more than the clinical treatment provided. Care is a verb, not a noun. It ... Read More
The Do's and Don'ts of Social Media for Your Practice
Whether or not to use social media is no longer the question in this digital age. The real question is how to ... Read More
It's Not Personal: Dealing with Difficult Patients
You love some patients when they come into the office. You love other patients more when they’re ... Read More
Social Media: Five Rules of Engagement
Does your practice maintain a website or social networking page? If so, the person who manages ... Read More
Safe Patient Transfers
Are you seeing an increased number of patients that need assistance transferring into the dental chair?  ... Read More
Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation
Do you know what your patients are saying about you? Your online reputation depends on whether and/or how you ... Read More
Strategies for Case Acceptance
Whether or not patients accept your treatment plan and return to your office for care may have more to do ... Read More
Internet Marketing: Redefining How Dentistry is Practiced
As a dental professional, you’re naturally focused on the clinical care of your patients. However, ... Read More
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