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Tip of the Week

A smooth transition is important! The selling doctor should make the introductions for the buying doctor.

Practice: Manage Your Career

Manage your dental career from graduation through retirement, and everything in between. Find practical advice and tangible resources on a wide variety of practice issues.

Legal Contract

FAQ on New HCP Regulations, Part 2

DEA reclassifies Hydrocodone combination products (HCPs) as Schedule II substances, tighter restrictions apply effective Oct 6, 2014. What does this mean for your practice?

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Dental Staff

2013 Survey of Dental Fees

You can now view the 2013 Survey of Dental Fees which includes national average fees for over 200 commonly performed dental procedures broken down for both general practitioners and each of the six specialties.

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Dentist Staff

Determining the Ideal Size and Space of Your Practice

Opening a dental office is a significant step in a dentist’s career. One of the first major things you need to decide is the size and location of your ideal space.

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Social Media

Things to Consider in Adopting a Social Media Policy

Help avoid legal problems down the road by having a carefully drafted social media policy for your dental practice.  Employees will have a better understanding of what’s permitted and what’s prohibited.

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FAQ on DEA Registration Fees
Any dentist who prescribes controlled substances in Schedules II, III, IV, or V must register with the U.S. ... Read More
Data Backup and Recovery
As dental offices look to store greater amounts of their practice information electronically, a reliable ... Read More
It's Not Personal: Dealing with Difficult Patients
You love some patients when they come into the office. You love other patients more when they’re ... Read More
Are You Ready for ePrescriptions
Billions of prescriptions are written annually and inevitably some of these prescriptions are filled ... Read More
Contractual Auto-Renew: Read the Fine Print
Imagine you purchased software for your office and after some time you realize it no longer meets your ... Read More
Build and Retain Your Online Reputation
Imagine sleeping peacefully at night because you know your practice has a strong online reputation. Having a ... Read More
Delegate Your Way to Greater Success
One of the most important leadership skills you can have as a practice owner is the ability to delegate ... Read More
Finding the Right Associateship Opportunity
There are many reasons dental graduates decide to enter an existing practice. It is less expensive than ... Read More
2013 Survey of Dental Fees
The 2013 Survey of Dental Fees is here! It covers material collected in 2013 from the 2,198 responding ... Read More
Medicare Decision Tree
If you are unsure about enrolling or opting out of Medicare, use this easy flowchart to figure it out. Click ... Read More
FAQ on New HCP Regulations
Follow this link for a second installment of questions and answers about the new regulations for ... Read More
Medicare Tutorial [Video]
Dentists who treat Medicare patients must either enroll in the program or opt out by June 1, 2016 in order to ... Read More
Starting a New Dental Practice Checklist
Starting a New Dental Practice Checklist Starting a New Dental Practice? ... Read More
The Most Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Dental Codes
When it comes to the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature, better known as the CDT Code, most dentists ... Read More
FAQ on New HCP Regulations, Part 2
You’ve asked, we’re answering!  Here is a second installment of questions and answers about ... Read More
Running Windows After Microsoft’s “End of XP Support” Deadline
Are you one of the estimated 27% of PC users who are still using Windows XP? If you’re doing so after ... Read More